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Investment Options

Dear Participant:


We, as trustees of the IBEW Seventh District Retirement Benefit Trust Fund, have been committed to investing your Fund assets in such a way as to provide you a fair long-term return on your annuity account. It is our firm belief, as well as the belief of our investment advisors, that a well-balanced investment portfolio will yield the highest earnings over the long-term and we have worked hard to keep the Fund's assets adequately diversified to balance returns and risks for the benefit of the participants.


It is also our belief that certain circumstances exist when a participant may wish to minimize earnings fluctuations over the short-term or long-term. In an effort to offer such an option to participants who wish to invest all or a portion of their annuity account in the IBEW-NECA Stable Value Fund we are offering an annual account realignment. This realignment will be available only once a year and will be effective as of each year-end. The realignment can only be accomplished by our receipt of a properly completed and signed request form prior to February 1, of each year. ( most current form available at link below). Such form will instruct us to move all or a portion of your account balance out of your regular trustee directed account into the IBEW-NECA Stable Value Fund or vice versa effective January 1st of the next year, and thereby make such amounts subject to the next year-end earnings allocations at the average rate earned by the stable value fund for that year (if amounts were not withdrawn during the year). Each account established under this option will be subject to the year-end expense allocation as well (i.e. if you move some of your account into the stable value fund and leave some in your regular trustee-directed account you will be charged two year-end expense amounts, one on each account). In addition, this form will allow you to designate an allocation of the future contributions coming into your account between the trustee-directed account and the stable value account. Again, in late fall of each year you will have the option to move amounts from the stable value account (if you established one) back into the trustee-directed account or vice versa to be effective as of the first of the next year.


The IBEW-NECA Stable Value Fund is a relatively conservative investment fund (see the earning history tab), while the trustee-directed investments are less conservative (again see the earning history tab). The stable value fund historically tracks with interest rates while the trustee-directed investments will vary somewhat with the stock market. We encourage you to consult with your personal investment advisor before making any realignment decisions. We are not making any recommendations one way or the other and will not give investment advice.


We will continue to work hard to maintain a solid annuity fund for your future benefit. If you have any questions, please contact your local union business administrator.


The Trustees





Form for realignment click here:





You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open this file. Click here for a free download.

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