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Under the terms of the Plan and IRS regulations, there are four events that result in a participant (or beneficiary)  being eligible for distribution from this Plan.


Those events are:

                              (1) death

                              (2) 100% total and permanent disability

                              (3)  normal retirement

                              (4)  termination of employment 



These are the only events that can qualify for a distribution, regardless of the participant’s circumstances.



Each of these events (except death) is defined in the Plan document.  100% total and permanent disability, in normal circumstances, is determined by a ruling from the Social Security Administration.  Normal retirement is the passing of two consecutive calendar months during which no contributions are made to the Plan on behalf of a 55 year-old (or older) participant.  Termination of employment is defined as the passing of twelve consecutive months during which no contributions are made to the Plan on behalf of the participant. All reciprocal payments received by this Plan are considered contributions made on behalf of the participant.



Distributions are generally made in lump-sum payments to the participant, his beneficiary or designated rollover custodian after the Administrator’s receipt of properly executed withdrawal applications and their determination of eligibility for distribution.



Requests for withdrawal applications can be made by contacting the Fund at, or calling (806) 372-3470. Please be sure to give us your current address when contacting us requesting withdrawal forms.

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